JMX feature added to Activiti

I just contributed the JMX support feature to Activiti. It is merged and will be available in the coming release (release 5.16.4) of Activiti.

It is specially useful for people in operation teams. It reveals performance information and enables the operator to change some parameters on the fly.

To enable the feature it is enough to add the activiti-jmx module to dependencies. Jmx Mbean server will be automatically found and configured with the default settins.

Default configuration makes the JVM instance visible in Jconsole. If it is not visible for any reason, it can be found using this url: service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/jmxrmi/activiti using jconsole. By default Mbeans are exposed in org.activiti.jmx.Mbeans path.

As of now these informations and operations are available via JMX:


  • getting process definitions
  • getting deployment


  • Undeploy
  • suspend, activate process definitions by id and key

Default configuration can be changed by putting these parameters in config file or setting them directly via API:

  • registryPort (Default is 1099)
  • mbeanDomain (default is “DefaultDomain”)
  • connectorPort
  • serviceUrlPath (Default is /jmxrmi/activiti)
  • createConnector (default is true)
  • disables (default is false)
  • domain (default is org.activiti.jmx.mbeanObjectDomainName)

New Mbeans are easy to add thanks to created JMX annotation. You need only to annotate attributes with @ManagedAttribute and methods with @ManagedOperation. The only possible annotation parameter is “description”. The given description will be shown as Mbean description.

There are test cases, which bring up the jmx server and actually query and change the information via JMX. They can be used as the sample for have a taste of what a jmx client can look like.
DeploymentsJMXClientTest and JobExecutorJMXClientTest are such test cases.

12 thoughts on “JMX feature added to Activiti

  1. Mehdi Yeganeh

    Hi Mr. Saeid Mirzaei,

    I make enterprise software and office automation in Iran,
    Your blogs is great and helpful for me, thanks a lot.
    I need consultant about our new softwares with using BPMN and UI-Mediator pattern,
    Can i have your number or your email address for contact you?

    My mobile number (viber) is (+98)9123181731


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ali
      Thank you. It is nice to see you following Activiti as well.I have not seen much activiti from Iran actually around it.

  2. mojtaba shayegh

    Hi, Mr. Mirzaei
    we recently start using camunda in our new Project in iran. (Spring+JSF+Hibernate)
    we need some help about it. we are new in BPMN
    may we have your email address.

  3. Ibs

    Is there a concise example of the use of JMX with Activiti? I’m new to JMX so would be great to understand it at a beginner level.

    1. admin Post author

      The best place to see how it works are test cases. In test cases, they JMX is setup and executed.
      You can use the test case to bring up the JMX, and use something like jconsole to play with it.

      Let me know if you need help on this approach

  4. Meysam

    dear Saeed
    I just now find that you are contributing to Activiti! It’s great!
    You know we are working on it in Avan( and made a cutomize edition (of course with persian UI:D) over the rest API.
    Setare bechini:D


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