Updating git from svn

I just had to improt a huge svn repository into git.
If you spend enough time on importing, importing with git svn clone is not that hard. It keeps the history, and works very good.
The problem arose when I tried to remove big jar files from the repository. I planned to move it to maven and it was not a good idea to keep jar files in repository.
Simple removing them, left the footsteps in the history and made it unncessarily big.
I tried to rewrite history the way explained here. It took more than one week. I cancelled it.
This tools helped me:

It is rally fast and efficient. It did the job in matter of hours.

I cleane it up and pushed it into repository. Afte one week I found out, the team has done some commits on old svn.
using svn git, meant to import every thing from scratch.
I decided to write a python script, create one patch for each svn revision. Then applying them and commiting with the same description as subversion. It needed some manual work but was much faster than importing the whole svn

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