ca certificate libcurl in openwrt

It seems that libcurl in openwrt is not configured to look for ca certificate in path. CURL_CE_BUNDLE environment variable is only used by curl and not libcurl and there is no environment variable for CA_PATH.

Here is my solution:

1. find curl package in feeds/packages/lib/curl

2. move it to packages/curl

3. change Makefile. add line:


to CONFIGURE_ARGS += section

4. recompile

5. copy /bin/brcm-2.4/libcurl_7.21.3-1_brcm-2.4.ipk to openwrt

6. opkg update libcurl_7.21.3-1_brcm-2.4.ipk

7. now the certificates in /etc/ssl/certs will be used.

3 thoughts on “ca certificate libcurl in openwrt

    1. smirzai Post author

      It should be the usual sequence of :
      make install

      If you can bring some lines or error code, maybe we can identify the culprit easier.


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