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Activiti docker image

Docker is a fantastic virtualization tool for running different images very fast and with minimum effort. There is a hub available with many pre-created ready to use images.

With docker it is matter of minutes to download and run images for Activiti explorer and rest Api.

It would be greatly helpful for people who want to play and evaluate the tool. Also for people who make demos and present Activiti.

First you need to install docker, if it is not already done. Installation is very straight forward. Binaries are available for nearly every major OS.

After installation, you need to pull the image:

docker pull smirzai/activiti-single-image

Downloading image may take some time, depending on your internet connection. After that you can easily run explorer or Rest-API.

Executing this command runs the explorer in the container:

sudo docker run -p 8080:8080  -t -i smirzai/activiti-single-image:latest explorer

After less than a minute, container will be running. You can access the explore using such an URL in your explorer:


voilà ! you are there.

Similarly you can run Rest API, using such a command:

sudo docker run -p 8080:8080  -t -i smirzai/activiti-single-image:latest rest

Explorer is the default, if you omit the last parameter.

We are working on making it official out of my personal docker hub.



scip docker image

SCIP  seems to be a wonderful open source tool for solving constraint integer problems. It is the standard tools for many university courses. The problem is the installation is not trivial specially for pure mathematicians.

Docker comes to rescue. After straight forward installation of docker, you need only these few steps to run scip:


docker pull smirzai/scip

docker run -i smirzai/scip



you are there. you can use scip now. The only catch is that you have to send your files to the container using  docker ps command.


PS: I was contacted by SCIP team and they kindly advised me to remove the docker image, as user does not need to accept license agreement with the current installation. I try to solve the problem with them and put the image back in docker hub. For now I have to remove it.