Monthly Archives: September 2013

Python Library for bluetooth

Just for its fun, I have started to build a remote control robot, using

– Mindstorm

– Raspberry pi

– Camera

– Joystick

– python

First step is to read joystic in python. I checked pygame.joystick and it works fine.

Sending values to NXT over Bluetooth is not that simple. There are not much on we. I checked jaraco.nxt . The source looks very sophisticated and a large range of commands are supported. For me it did not work for any reason.

Second attempt was “Roboter Platform“. A simple low library which works. Does not cover all commands but works find for what I want. The good part is it is very easy to see how things work and expand it.

Now I am able to send information in Message formats to NXT. The next step would be to control the movement of Robot with Joystick.