Monthly Archives: May 2013

DBVisualizer custom JDK

VisualDB is a handy tool to browse and check the Database schemes. It is not the most fancy and powerful tool available though.

One of my colleagues had a problem of installing new JDK and seems that Visual-db had some problems with Java 7. So the question is how to make visual-db use a specific version of JDK.

I am not if this is documented some where or not, but took some time for him to solve the problem.

The solution is to copy the JDK directly in its directory. Visual-db, will use the jdk in its own directory if available. If there is no JDK in directory, then it uses the default JDK installed on machine. In our case, the name of the directory was jre and it was directly inside visual-db directory. It works  fine with version 5 and 6 of Java but maybe not with latest version 7.