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Cygwin Slash and Backslash

When you are working in cygwin and tools like Subversion, then you might face the same problem as me. The problem is that output of svn st for example is using instead of / and you cannot easily cut and paste the results and use other linux based tools.

This sed command corrects it 

svn st | sed ‘s::/:g’

Till now I was not able to make it easier using alias or function.

Dynamic DNS

I am using ADSL and hence have dynamic IP.

Dynamic DNS is a very good solution to access the router from outside world.

Here is a good how to doc:[]=dyndns


Wireless problem in ubuntu

I don’t know why, but it happens time to time. Suddenly wireless stops to connect. This time I could see all of the networks but was not able to connect to them. Some wrong “Bad password” problem appeared.

Here is a fast work around:

make sure that eth0 is properly defined in /etc/network/interfaces.

sudo apt-get remove wpa-supplicant

ifdown eth0

ifup eth0

sudo aptget install wicd


should be fixed now.