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First steps in SPA 3102


I have just bought a Sipura SPA-3000 from ebay, 20 Euros. If I could wait I think I could buy it some 5 Euros cheaper.

Here are the initial steps for its configuration:

1. Connect Lan port of spa 3000 to the router, phone to a phone and line to PSTN line.

2. Using the connected phone, press 4 times *. The voice menu will be played.

3. press 111 to set static address, 121 to set network mask

4. you should be able to access its website. You can set DNS

5. I could easily connect to my jumblo and 1und1 account with these settings: Here I bring 1und1 settings:

6. in line1 menu:


Make Call Without Reg: yes

Ans Call Without Reg: yes

Register: yes

Register Expires: 3600

Display Name:  name

USer ID: 49xxxxxxxxxxx

password: xxxxxx


in SIP advanced menu, in NAT Support Parameters:

STUN enable: yes

STUN server:


that is it, next time I restart it, I can see in info that Line1 is registered and I can call from and call to it.


autorun empathy with wicd

I think I have not written that I have moved to wicd from network manager. It looks much simpler and more efficient.

I want to bring my empathy when network is connected. This is how I have done it:

1. create /usr/bin/runEmpathy as:

sudo -u smirzai /usr/bin/empathy -h &


2. Add this line in related section for desired wireless in file /etc/wicd/wireless-setting.conf:

afterscript = /usr/bin/runEmpathy